Dietz Training Concept

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You are unique - And your training should be  too

We all differ from each other, not only in our physical conditions but also in our interests, our ambition and finally in our everyday lives. The Dietz training concept is therefore based on a holistic perspective. This means that all of these factors that make you unique are reflected in the design of your training. 


Attitude & Personality

We all have our strengths. Ideally, they give us guidance on what to do in our lives, whether it is in school, work or sports. The better you know yourself, the more influence you get in your choices. Which leads to positive confirmation and increased motivation to continue.



The motivation is what determines what we do and how we want to do it. What motivates us can be as diverse as ourselves. It can be to perform well or to improve their quality of life through better health. The motivation is the foundation of your goals.



Only if you know your motivation, you can set the right goal for yourself. This means that you even can increase and control(!) motivation with the right goal setting. 



If you understand the dependencies and interactions of these factors -  your personality (prerequesits), your motivation (driving force) and your goals (measurable objectives), you can build a training strategy that is sustainable. Sustainable means, that it will have long term positive effects on all of these three factors in return.


How we help

Attitude & Personality - In order to see your strengths and your status quo, we always make a careful assessment for all our coaching and training plans.

Motivation - In our assessments, we always go into your sports background and other factors that are important for getting to know what drives you and which goals are realistic.

Goals - There is a huge amount of value in a training plan that is well prepared from scratch. Therefore, we go through the entire assessment process before we start with the training planning. 

Implementation - Our trainings are prepared according to your sports profile and your circumstances and preferences. We make sure you get the kind of training you need and you will be able to follow. We measure the effect on your exercise and make adjustments where necessary. You will see that makes a difference.


This is what we offer


Training planning and coaching

Baserande på vårt träningskoncept erbjuder vi träningsplanering och coaching på alla nivåer. Beroende på dina mål kan du välja hur mycket stöd du vill få. Våra coachings ska tala för sig själv. Därför har vi inga bindningstider!



Consultations on training topics

We offer consultations via telephone calls and demonstrations in persona. These cover, among other things, training arrangements, training programs, recovery, nutrition, choice of equipment, goals and competition preparation etc.




We offer workshops on training planning and paddle technique. We run our workshop at our premises in Dalsland or at your place for group booking.



Single sessions

Sometimes, help with individual elements is all it needs to give the training a new momentum. We offer practical training/coaching that can go from everything between paddle technique over material optimization to competition tactics.



Own training camp in Dalsland

Our water offers unique opportunities for canoeing in both protected and open water. We offer accommodation and gym for paddlers. You can choose to run the training yourself or book coaching during the camp.  




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